What is an NFT?

One common misconception about NFTs is that the NFT is the image, artwork, music, or whatever asset is the NFT. In reality, an NFT, or non-fungible token, is a line of code that is powered by a smart contract. A smart contract is a digital contract, programmed to understand pre-established conditions and to automatically execute those conditions. In other words, it knows what to do and does it without any involvement from the owner or a third party. All the unique information regarding the NFT, such as ownership, transferability, properties, and rules and conditions are coded into the smart contract and securely stored on the blockchain. For example, if you mint an image of your puppy wearing a tuxedo and driving an Aston Martin, anyone can right-click and copy the image to use as their own, even though they don’t own it. You are the owner because you own the code for that image and your ownership can be verified through the smart contract.

How Are ArchieNekoNFTs Different?

Many non-utility NFTs have no real value other than the value a buyer or community believes it to have, whether it be its rarity, collectability, or current hype surrounding its subject. This is where ArchieNeko vastly differs - in a very good way - from other NFT projects currently available. From the beginning, ArchieNeko recognized that the future of NFTs will depend greatly on utility, not just collectability. ArchieNekoNFTs were created to be much more than a digital asset whose value is based on hype, scarcity, or celebrity tweet of the moment. By providing NFTs with actual use case, ArchieNeko gives the investor the opportunity to generate a passive income.

How are ArchieNekoNFTs Paid?

Each unique ArchieNekoNFT listed is connected to ArchieMeta and has a passive income attached. Based on the factual data and actual income, the threshold to distribute passive income will be set through a smart contract.
Payments to the wallet owning the NFT will be made is USDT